Hoertai invested to establish Leshan Yilong Textile Co., Ltd. in 2007, which covers an area of 50 mu and is equipped with the advanced sizing machines and over 400 rapier machines. Its annual capacity of raw fabric with various specifications is 20 million meters. Hoertai has won praise from its customers and fellow traders by virtue of its top-quality textile fabric.





Weaving workshop






Sizing machines


Rapier machine     

           Rapier machine is a kind of shuttleless loom that has

 been applied most widely at present. In addition to the ch-

aracteristics of shuttleless loom— high speed, high automa-

tion degree and high-efficiency production, a rapier machine

also has the following advantages: its active weft insertion

mode is highly adaptable to varieties. That, it can adapt to

the weft insertion of various yarns.





Grey cloth