Sichuan Yilong Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd. is located in Yingbin Avenue, Jingyan County, Leshan City. Covering an area of 156 mu, it can produce 120 million meters of coloured cloth and various functional fabric annually. Settling down in Jingyan County, the Company is devoted to developing a base of working uniform weaving, printing and dyeing in China and promoting the development of upstream and downstream industries of the surrounding textile industry. The products have been sold well in domestic market and exported to a dozen countries and regions including Europe, America and Middle East. With its products acquiring OEKO-TESTANDARD100 Certificate and ISO9001:2000 Certificate, the Company has been awarded the title of “Chinese Famous Enterprise”.



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Desizing-scouring-bleaching machine

    It is applicable to full-width continuous desizing, scouring and

bleaching of cotton, terylen, linen and blended fabric, providing

fabric with ideal capillary effect and brightness, so as to ensure the

quality of dyeing and printing of products in the sequent working



Mercerizing machine

          It is applicable to alkali rolling and mercerizing of cotton, terylen, linen and blended fabric, making the fabric have good luster, be easily coloured, be free of fluffing and balling up, meet the requirements for width size and stability, and have better cloth texture.     



Thermosol dyeing machine

          It is mainly used to soak full-width polyester-cotton blended

fabric in dye liquor, so that dye liquor will go into the internal part of

fabric via rolling by roller. After that, fabric will be dried, baked,

steamed and oxidized, and then undergo water washing treatment.

These procedures will provides the fabric with good colour evenness

 and colour fastness. 



Forming machine    

     Forming machine is equipped with hot flue stenter which uses heat conducting oil as hot energy carrier. It is applicable to tentering and hot forming of pure cotton, polyester-cotton and blended fabric, providing the fabric with good size stability and special functions.