5 Useful Tips To Spike The Conversions

Conversion Tip 1: Create Engaging Content

Build your website with functionality in mind enabling them to be highly interactive unlike other websites on the web that are plain and boring to interact with. A highly engaging website makes visitors stay behind to engage with the content. For this reason, do not entirely get yourself preoccupied with improving rankings of your site. The ease of visitor and site engagement is facilitated by aspects such as the tone of engagement, ease of reading the content, the value of the content, and other factors such as the presence of call-to-action (CTA) and sharing buttons. You should present your content in the format considered to be of highest quality as possible to keep visitors interested. You can further make your content more engaging by encouraging comments and promptly responding to them, writing your content if you are speaking to a single person and adding useful elements as videos, infographics, images and even slide presentations.

Conversion Tip 2: Create Marketing Offers

Internet Marketing offers are mainly parts of the content that you put on offer to reward prospective clients. Marketing offers tend to be freebies that are obtained after clients give out some information and can include such things as white papers, e-books, videos, guides, industry case studies, webinars, free tools, coupons, templates and so on. Not only does offers to serve to attract potential clients on the site but also nurtures existing ones. Always remember to keep your offers relevant to what you are trying to sell or promote on your website.

Conversion Tip 3: Create a Landing Page

A landing page serves the important role of being a point where a visitor signs up before accessing the content on the site. But a landing page isn’t only limited to capturing the visitor’s information. A great landing page with relevant animations, short videos, and actionable and detailed headline can make a first-time visitor captivated and may end up engaging with the website in various aspects.

Conversion Tip 4: Incorporate High Converting CTAs on Your Page

CTAs (Call-to-Action) have a reputation of being funnels that turn your visitors into leads. A CTA is basically the action you really want people to take. The easiest way to design and create a CTA is to ask you the why question. For instance, why should the visitor buy your latest product? Once you figure out the best answer, you can make a CTA such as Buy 1, Get 3 Free or Get 15% Discount Now

Conversion Tip 5: Work On Your Site’s Speed

Your page should load super fast. A higher website speed relates to a corresponding higher conversion rate. It is estimated that just one second of delay in page’s response can lead to a 7% drop in conversion rate. A faster website, therefore, doesn’t frustrate visitors and can make a lot of them buy your products.

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