5 Useful Tips To Spike The Conversions

Conversion Tip 1: Create Engaging Content

Build your website with functionality in mind enabling them to be highly interactive unlike other websites on the web that are plain and boring to interact with. A highly engaging website makes visitors stay behind to engage with the content. Continue reading


5 Ways of Driving Traffic To Your Website

Create Insatiable Content

Great content is everything. Insatiable content is attractive and will keep visitors coming back for more and even referring other visitors to your site. Besides, quality content keeps your visitors busy and engaged. All these activities result in greater traffic. Continue reading


Healthy SEO Habits

Create New Content Regularly Through News Articles and Blogs

Google loves content. Feeding Google with great and quality content increases the chances of visitors coming to your site. When you keep updating your news section or blog at regular intervals, Google tends to notice your activity and rewards you by indexing your site regularly as well. More indexing means more visits. Besides, Google has a lot of pages to show visitors about you if you have enormous content on your site.

Respond To Comments Promptly, In Detail

Nothing is awesome like your clients helping you to keep your page active. When you closely engage with clients on your blog’s comment board, it helps in convincing Google that your page is alive and active hence favorable rankings. Sometimes it is just good to show your clients that you care.

Regularly Create Links to Your Page

Google closely watches links leading to your page from other sites and interprets them as recommendations. A lot of such recommendations, in Google’s opinion, mean you are a deserving and trustworthy source of information. As a result, Google makes your page a priority in its search results.

Promote Your Site through Social Media

Google ascertains the popularity of your page through links originating from social networks pages as well. Accomplish this by updating your blog or site and immediately informing your Facebook friends and Twitter followers about. This makes Google start seeing you as a highly sociable content maker.

Closely Monitor Your SEO Stats and Respond To Them Accordingly

Use Google Analytics to check the site visits, popular keywords and so on. The information you obtain from the reports should guide you in making appropriate changes.